Culture Center since 2006.

Opening hours:
Summer: 13:00-17:00
Winter: 13:00-17:00 (closed during weekends)

Phone: 00 354 471 1479
Email: mmf@egilsstadir.is

Artist residency, artist workshop, recording studio and many different venues.

Sláturhúsið is the home of MMF, and used to be meat factory but was transformed to a Culture Center.

Menningarmiðstöð Fljótsdalshéraðs or MMF was founded in 2006 and is one of 3 culture centers in East Iceland. MMF emphasizes on performing arts.

MMF, offers all kinds of artistic experiences, lectures, workshops, performances, exhibitions and more. MMF is in a close connection with the local schools and welcomes visitors of young age.


Artist Residency Applicants

Please mind we are not a paid residency.

The Slaughterhouse is an old slaughterhouse converted into a culture center in 2006. There is still some work to do so we are not in any way a traditional culture center but we have our own charm.
The slaughterhouse is owned be Fljótsdalshérað municipality, MMF is financed by the government to serve performing arts in east Iceland and also Fljótdalshérað municipality to serve all arts in the area.

On the ground floor we also have a space that can be used to develop and rehearse performances.  As part of the municipality we have access to other spaces in Fljótsdalshérað, so rehearsal space is not restricted to the Slaughterhouse.

We always like artist staying with us to give something back to the community, so a workshop or an evening performance would be very welcomed.

To apply or inquire about the artist residency send an email to mmf@egilsstadir.is with the words: “Kaffistofan Artist Residency” in the subject line.